Video Business Cards

Have you ever thought of making a Video Business Card to showcase your business? A Video Business Card is a tool that can be used to effectively share who you are, explain the services your business offers, and help you simplify your pitch to other businesses and customers when they ask what you do. These videos are very customizable, and exciting to work on together. Through a creative brainstorming session, creating a project outline, and discussing the type of b-roll video/photo elements you would like intermixed with your video, we go into the film session very prepared and ready to bring your vision to life. I enjoy being a creative video resource that will work with you throughout all steps of the production process (pre-production, filming, post-production, final delivery in various formats for various social media platforms). This video is a strong versatile asset to have in your back pocket. It can live on your website, your email signature, and be used to spark a conversation when networking with new businesses. Let’s capture your story, and share it with a larger digital audience! Here are a few samples of my work: